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Stainless Steel Valves of Welflow-Leadtek

The primary material of our valves is stainless steel material, including SS304 (CF8), SS316 (CF8M), etc.

Check valve refers to a valve whose opening and closing parts are circular discs and rely on its weight and medium pressure to generate actions to block the backflow of the medium. It is also named non-return valves or one-way valves. The movement of the disc is divided into vertical spring type and swing type. The vertical spring-type check valve is similar to the globe valves but without the stem.
The disadvantage is that the resistance is significant, and the sealing performance is poor when closed.

The disc of the swing check valve is disc-shaped, which rotates around the shaft of the valve seat passage. Because the course in the valve is streamlined, the flow resistance is smaller than that of the lift check valve.

Therefore, it is suitable for low flow rates and infrequent changes in inflow. The swing check valve is divided into three types: single, double, and multiple. These three types are mainly classified according to the valve diameter. The purpose is to prevent the medium from stopping or flowing backward and weaken the hydraulic shock.

Below is the normal type of thread swing check vavles.

This kind of check valve, like its name, can only be installed vertically. Inside the check valves with the spring and disc, For disc is could be metal seat, or Metal + PTFE or Metal + Silicon etc.

Below is our stock thread spring vertical check valves: 


The wafer check valve is installed in the enclosed space between the two flanges. These simple check valves have no control device and maintain a thin profile like a wafer. The valve seat device fixes a valve disc, and when the material flows in a predetermined direction, the valve disc will lift from the valve seat. When the material flows in the opposite direction, the valve flap will reset itself to stop the flow and prevent the material from flowing back.

Wafer check valves can work with fluids or solids suspended in liquids, making them a popular choice for regulating flow as inlet and outlet valves. Therefore, they are often used in pools, mining operations, power plants, and chemical processing plants.


Y-type check valves also usually have springs. However, as its name shows, its shape is “Y.” Their function is precisely the same as a spring vertical check valve, but the spring and the orifice are at an angle. This allows the user to inspect and maintain the moving parts of the valve without altogether removing them from the pipeline. However, they do take up additional installation space.

The appearance of the Y-type strainer looks very similar to the Y-type check valve, but the internal structure is entirely different.
The Y-type strainer(Filter) is Y-shaped. One end is for water and other fluids to pass through, and the other is for precipitation waste and impurities.
Usually, it is installed at the inlet end of a pressure-reducing valve, a pressure relief valve, a fixed water level valve, or other equipment. The role of the filter is to remove impurities in the water to protect the regular operation of the valve and equipment. The water to be treated by the filter enters the body through the water inlet. The impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel filter, resulting in a pressure difference.

The gate valve uses a gate for opening and closing.

The main components of the gate valves are the handwheel, spindle, gasket, bonnet, valve body, flange or thread, and gate.

The movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. Therefore, the gate valve can only be fully opened and closed and cannot be adjusted or throttled. The gate valve is sealed by the contact between the valve seat and the gate plate, and the sealing surface is usually welded with metal materials to increase wear resistance, such as 1Cr13, STL6, stainless steel, etc.

The globe valve is also called the stop valve. It is a tool that relies on the pressure of the valve stem to make the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat closely fit and prevent the flow of the medium. It is a mandatory sealing valve and is one of the most widely used valves.

According to the direction of the channel, the globe valve is divided into four types: straight-through globe valve, straight-through globe valve, angle-type globe valve, and plunger-type globe valve.

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